If you are interested in any of our Puppies or Kittens on our website and live too far to drive down and pick up the kitten in person, then we can make an arrangements for you to have it on a next or same day delivery. The puppies or kitten will be shipped to the closest airport near you or hand delivered to your home. Delivery prices are per county, region or country. In most cases the kitten will arrive within 4-8 hours within the US to US or SA to SA and 72 hours max international delivery from the departure time. However, sometimes delays do occur due to weather or kitten checking, so check the flight with the airline before you leave your home to go to the airport.

General airline Requirements

1. The puppy must be at least 8weeks days old.
2. Must be accompanied with a veterinarian Health/Acclimation Certificate
3. Some airlines have restrictions for temperature and will check destination and arrival flight temperature forecasts.

Cost of Shipping via airline

1. veterinarian Health/Acclimation Certificate Approx
2. Cost of Travel Kennel (depends on size of crate)
3. Airfreight is determined by the weight of the puppy and the weight/size of the Crate (Larger/heavier and older puppies can cost more)

Customer (s) delivery information is needed to complete the necessary shipping documents ,ownership papers to names and addresses, The document will serve to reserve a flight for the puppies at the delivery company. Buyer will be given the departure and arrival time including the tracking numbers which you shall present to the delivery agent at your door steps before taking possession of the puppy(s)puppies are being given a Veterinarian examination before taking off  ,come with a State Health Certificate signed by our veterinarian before being shipped . Puppies come with the following papers; #  Health guarantee # Vaccine record # AKC registration papers # Microchip  Registration # Pedigree # Nutrition supplement # Traveling Crate.

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