Mary Claria Trade Breeds Puppies & Kittens has been a cornerstone of numerous Puppies culture for multiple generations. We have been breeding puppies, showing and raising purebred dogs for over 12 years. Since we began showing in the United States and South Africa. Mary Claria Trade Breeds Home has been breeding and training exceptional dogs of beauty, working ability, health and temperament. We take great pride in our heritage and history and treat every puppy with love and attention.

Only breeds with perfect health, structure, and temperament are used. Our dogs and kittens go through series of tests before they are chosen. Healthy parents make healthy puppies. This is why we can stand behind our 1 year health guarantee. To make sure our puppies live long and healthy life we give them Nu Vet supplements and feed them Honest Kitchen dog food!! Our dogs are on all natural diets from the time they are weaned!

We raise our puppies in the house around our children and other pets so they are well socialized at a young age. They are only crated when they are not being supervised. We start potty training our pups with puppy pads at 3.5 weeks to lessen the chances of accidents in your home. We start harness training our little ones while they are here so you have one less thing to worry about! Each puppy comes AKC registered, vet checked, micro chipped, up to date on shots, and with a one year health guarantee.

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